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Essential Coffee Group has a wide range of industrial coffee machines, from our professional coffee machines (Group Barista Range) to automatic coffee machines - we offer the best machines in the industry!

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The Kronos automatic coffee machine is durable and very easy to operate. with its one-touch automatic operation.

The machine allows 8 drink selections and can produce up to 150 cups per day.

Family Range

The Reneka Family range strives for perfection. Highly professional, the Reneka machines combines performance, ergonomics and design to achieve the best results in the cup! Experience outstanding coffee extraction technology with the Reneka Family machines.

Revolution Touch

Revolution Touch is an Italian-made fully automatic coffee machine with easy to use fand clean functions. The machine also has a built-in 12g fresh bean grinder to produce coffee beverages from freshly ground coffee. It allows customization for 11 drink selections, producing up to 300 cups a day. 

OEM 2 Group

The Reneka OEM 2 Group machine is where simplicity meets efficiency. It has 2 steam and 1 hot water taps with a security system to alert you when the water gets low. Like all other Reneka machines, it has been designed ergonomically for easy-usage and maximized productivity.

Life 3 Group

Ciao Ciao

Got a grande demand for Barista style coffees? With its one-touch automation system, the Ciao Ciao is the ultimate automatic coffee machine! It can make 2 barista quality coffees at once, with a capacity of 180 cups in an hour.

Life 2 Group

The Reneka Life 2-group machine comes with the Aroma Perfect technology where you don’t need to tamp. Just simply insert the group handle and press the button to extract the perfect espresso. Coupled with the amazing automatic Latte Art steam wand, it makes the Reneka Life 2 the complete package that guarantees consistency!

This machine is the extension of the Aroma Perfect machine range with 3 group heads. Hand-made in Europe, the machine comes with a self-tamping technology and automatic milk steaming wand to give yout a perfectly prepared Barista-style coffee!

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