We offer a variety of coffee beans that work well with our range of industrial coffee and vending machines. All the premium beans we use are sourced from the highest quality producers throughout the world then roasted in-house for the ultimate freshness and taste! 

Some of our popular coffee include,


The smoothest of our dark roasts, a well-balanced, clean coffee with rich dark chocolate notes with hints of stone fruits, honey and savoury caramels.


Our original Filter Coffee is made for 100% Arabia beans from Brazil, ground in our Roastery to ensure consistency. Roasted Medium with good body and a sweet aftertaste.


Our most popular coffee! A well balanced blend roasted medium blended 70% Arabica – 30%  Robusta. Great for Bean to Cup and Automatic machines.


A coffee that combines flavours and complexities of bright fruitiness, berry extracts and caramel sweetness, notably medium bodied and clean but lingering citrusy aftertaste.


The perfect coffee hit to get you going. Our darkest roast containing a global blend of premium Arabica from three continents. For those who like their coffee with punch.

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